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Infrastructure such as Power Distribution Networks, Rail, Ports and Mines all require robust and reliable communication networks to monitor the operation of their assets to minimise network downtime and ensure safety and productivity in harsh environments are maximised. Networks in harsh environments present a different set of challenges to traditional Commercial networks and should be created using components designed to survive the many harsh environmental factors commonly found in:

Power Distribution Networks
Water Treatment Plants
Rail Networks
Air and Sea Ports
Oil and Gas Networks
Wind and Solar Farms

MSS Fibre stocks a range of products for both Industrial and Enterprise networks such as riser, breakout, loose-tube, ruggedized, armoured, ADSS and pre-terminated fibre. Our end-to-end solution also includes connectors, patch leads, enclosures, splicing equipment, termination tools and test equipment to verify the performance of your network.

For those organisations that want to keep their installation and maintenance in-house, MSS Fibre systems can supply pre-terminated and tested cable assemblies made here in our Australian based fibre production lab.

MSS Fibre's pre-terminated and tested cable assemblies, which can be made from riser cable, loose tube cable, breakout cable, etc. decrease installation time and ensure all links pass, eliminating the need to re-terminate, saving you considerable time and money.

Our team works with you during the design stage, bringing to the table an end-to-end product solution that ensures your network seamlessly connects from field devices via the backbone fibre FOBOT's and patch leads through to your enterprise devices.